Jensen Ethan Chiang – December 2019

I was very impressed by the service rendered to us by Four Seasons Catering.
Firstly, to mention, in the build-up to our event, our point of contact, Maverick, was very contactable at all times. This made clarifications & additional requests very quick & seamless. As I was on a busy schedule myself, I really appreciated the on-the-ball service rendered to us both prior to the event and during the event.
Even though on the actual day itself, they were busy with 3 ongoing events (due to the Christmas season), they handled it admirably. We ordered from their festive menu. The food was great, the set-up was well done with appropriate decoration too. What I appreciate most was that they were easily contactable on-site as the event unfolded. When the participants of the event beside us were coming into our space, they were quick to react with demarcations and staff on site.

Recommended caterer for their good service attitude, initiative and reaction on the ground.