Tea Reception

High Tea Catering Menus

High Tea is an early meal in the evening usually eaten between 5pm and 7pm and usually begins with a serving of hot food followed by cake and pastries. The first time this term was used was around 1825 because Tea was unknown in the United Kingdom as a meal and some other countries. However, High Tea in today’s context has greatly changed into being a worldwide practice.

High Tea catering Singapore is a service provided by Four Seasons that caters cakes, pastries and more at your events. We provide many different menu options that you can choose from, making our high tea catering in Singapore service highly sought after.

If you are hosting friends at home, save the hassle from buying ingredients and messing up your kitchen for a tea party. If lunch is not provided during your corporate seminars or long business conferences, an assortment of light refreshments would be ideal during afternoon breaks. Even if you are hosting a class or workshop, ensure your students have a great time bonding over high tea catering. The wide variety of cakes and pastries to choose from will definitely excite your guests and keep them engaged. We ensure safe, affordable and delicious high tea and help you please your crowd to keep them satisfied throughout the event you have planned.