Bento Box

Bento Box Catering

Four Seasons offers bento catering in Singapore as Bento box is a great way to make your bento box meal quick and convenient. They are packed compactly making it easier to complete your meal and saving time on cleaning up after finishing your meal. This makes a Bento Box a great meal or high tea to have both stay home or at work, furthermore we can cater up to 15 pax to 20 pax .

Coming from Japanese origins, it is a single portion of take out or home packed lunch boxes. Usually it consists of rice as the main staple with several dishes. This makes it convenient for your guests as it is single serving. You need not require bulky buffet equipment and it is hassle free as we need not collect the equipment after service.

Also, due to the pandemic, it is better to serve single serve dishes to prevent contamination.Once food is packed into your bento sets, we carry out food delivery straight to your doorstep. Our box delivery is also quick to arrive so that your food remains fresh. Our bento boxes have different options to choose from allowing you to choose the best options for yourselves and your guests. Some examples are chicken rice, fried rice, potato salad, braised pork belly, traditional gray shrimp stuffed, blue jasmine and fried chicken. Hence, we are your go to bento catering Singapore.

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