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Planning a perfect Christmas Party


Its the party to end the year with. It is a celebration. It is the party of parties. Everyone loves a party, especially a Christmas Party. It is an event that brings people together to celebrate the holidays. Food is the centre of all parties especially a Christmas Party. It is a daunting task, especially the organizer. Here’s a simple To-Do List to help out even the most seasoned organiser.

Start planning by October or November

Early planning is key to a successful event. Holidays are a busy period for everyone, caterer included.


It is important to choose the right date. Firstly you need to navigate around everyone’s holiday plans so as not to clash. Secondly, the week before Christmas especially is the peak season for most caterers. Most caterers offer an early bird special if you make your booking early. This can substantially save you some money.


If it is for a personal soirée, you might want to decide how extended you want your guest list to be, just close friends and family or perhaps extend it to co-workers. If it is an office party, planning early will alert your coworker and minimise no shows. This will arm you with the exact numbers to work with regards to the venue & food.


If your party takes place at home, you are all set, but if you are looking for venues, be sure to reserve the space early to avoid losing out. You guest list drawn up will also help you select the most appropriate venue for the size of your mixer.


The earlier you send out those invites, the better. It is a busy time for most people, you’ll want to send them out as soon as you have a date and venue planned out.


Last but definitely not least, the most important item in planning any party. If you are on a tight budget, you can make it a potluck party, but as a host, you’ll need to provide the bare essentials for your guest. It is your party after all. Most catering companies have alternatives to their Christmas Buffet menu. Some offer party boxes, others offer to sell their add ons items such as Roasted Turkey, Roast Beef, Baked Chicken Ham, Log Cake, you know the Christmas Party essentials. A select few have all the essentials packaged for your convenience.

Planning During December

As the time of the Christmas Party draws near, now is the time to look into the details of the party. This is the time to decide the theme, entertainment or games if you are planning to include them. It is also time to pin down details with your food provider and your venue vendor.


Finalise your menu and start shopping for essentials now. Your menu should include traditional Christmas fare. These would include Roast Turkey, eggnog, Christmas cookies and cider. You also have the option to cater. You can take pride and prepare everything from scratch but the easier and more convenient way is to get it catered. Save yourself some stress.

If you have the numbers and your budget permits, order a full buffet catering. Many caterers start their Christmas Menus from as low as $13.90 per person. Reputable ones will have Christmas Menu curated to reflect traditional Christmas fare and have a separate one for those who prefer their Curry Chicken and Fried Bee Hoon.

If you do not have the numbers, caterers have options like mini buffet good for small numbers up to 20 guests. Some retail their Turkeys, Roast Beef, Honey Glazed Chicken Ham, Log cake as ala carte items. This will definitely ease some of the hassles.

Whether you cater or prepare everything from scratch, be mindful of some of the dietary needs of your guest. Some may be vegetarian, others may need Halal food while others may have religious restrictions like not consuming beef. Also, be sure to ask your guest ahead of time whether they have any food allergies. If you have young guests, you have to consider some of your food choices to suit them. Whatever it is, make your meals as pleasing to eyes and stomach for your guest!


Make it festive without breaking the bank. Hang sparkly decors, set the table with traditional colours like red and green. Traditional decorations include a Christmas Tree, candles, lights, Christmas wreath. This is the right time to pick out and buy your decor.

Games & Entertainment

Liven up any party with games & entertainment. Some talented friends or colleague can perform at the party. You can sing Christmas carols, incorporate popular games like Jenga, Pictionary and charades. If you have a theme for the party, be sure to ask your guest to dress up according to the theme or just follow colours like red or green

As they say “A little party never hurt anyone!”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us from Four Seasons Catering.