Four Seasons Catering

cater /ˈkeɪtə/ verb

1. provide people with food and drink at a social event or other gatherings.
“my mother helped to cater for the party”
synonyms: provide food for, feed, serve, cook for, wine and dine
“the company is happy to cater for vegetarians”

2. provide with what is needed or required.
“the event caters for children with dietary requirements”
synonyms: serve, provide for, oblige, meet the needs/wants of, accommodate
“the event sales executive catered to all the client’s requests”


Four Seasons Catering is the epitome of the word Cater!


Singapore’s Trusted Corporate and Event Catering Service Provider

Established in 1994, Four Seasons Catering has worked hard to establish itself as one of the top buffet caterers in Singapore. With more than 25 years of experience in the business of buffet catering, Four Seasons Catering offers much more than just buffet style catering but also food catering services with its mini buffet and party box offerings. We offer complete catering solutions for our clients.


Variety of Catering Menu

Food has the power to bring people together. We at Four Seasons Catering adhere to this belief, especially in our menu planning. We provide a wide variety of menu to meet every catering need, a diverse selection of local and international dishes to satisfy every inclination. Our experienced event sales executives are on hand to assist in menu customisation to suit corporate event catering requirements. We are well versed in planning seminar menus, be it a full day seminar or a half-day seminar. Our seminar menus can be tailor-made to suit the seminar’s participant demographics. We also offer buffet catering menus to accommodate the dietary requirement and dietary restrictions. Four Seasons Catering is a Halal certified catering company in Singapore.


Variety of Catering Options

At Four Seasons Catering, providing just the basic buffet catering services is not enough. We listen to our customers and address the (food) needs of both our household and corporate clients. For the family or friends gathering or quick, hassle-free office parties or boardroom lunches, Four Seasons Catering presents the mini buffet menu selections for groups of 15 to 20 persons. For smaller groups, our party box is sufficient for up to 10 persons, perfect for those intimate gatherings. For larger groups, we offer interesting live stations options for that extra pizazz to your catered party.

For every occasion and for every catering need, Four Seasons Catering has the right catering menu for you. From weddings to baby’s full month celebrations to barbecue buffets, we’ve got you covered.


Variety of Catering Budget

In crafting a menu or planning a promotion, Four Seasons Catering plan for every budget for every catering menu selection. From the discerning customers who prefer to throw an elaborate soiree; to those seeking value buffet catering, Four Seasons Catering offers a large selection of buffet catering menus to choose from. We offer exquisite customised menu offerings to simple, hassle-free affordable options. We at Four Seasons Catering offer attractive promotions all year round, even during peak seasonal festivities such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.


Your Trusted Christmas and Chinese New Year Caterer

When it comes to Christmas (Xmas) and Chinese New Year (CNY) catering, Four Seasons Catering has raised the bar in both our menu selection and buffet catering services making us one of the top buffet caterers during these festive periods. For both household customers and corporate clients, we are highly sought after for our festive seasons’ menu which offers a good mix of traditional favourites and exciting contemporary dishes. Apart from buffet catering menu, we also offer party box and mini buffet menus specific for your Christmas and Chinese New Year celebrations.

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